Ascent Vendor on Premises

Ascent Vendor on Premises Program

Onsite teambuilding

Offsite infrastructure

You’re growing, everyone loves growth, do you have the plan to sustain?

The infrastructure, the people to get it done? The right people aren’t easy

to find. The stakes of picking the right people is cost and company culture.

Picking the wrong person is costly, and has the potential of eroding morale

of retained employees. Especially when internal resources are thin. 

An outside agency can help scale quickly, leveraging their candidate pool, invisible

to the public domain. Being on the outside can bring its own issues-- finding a culture

fit on the inside. Dynamic companies look to onsite help, a professional who not only

sees the need, but feels it. 

Good recruiters are hard to find, we know. Our VOP program changes everything, bringing 

one of our professionals inside to help you. Keeping you focused on initiatives while we 

build a work-to-hire or temporary staffing program for you.