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Strategic Solutions

When you think about the technology enterprise, do you think about it on a strategic or on a tactical level?  When you can engage outside services to help you with tactical needs and strategic initiatives that require expertise, leadership and accountability for results – then you have a true technology services partner.  Ascent is that partner. So, what’s the point to all this, you wonder.  You need an organization like ours that can help you on both levels of strategy and tactical delivery and that’s exactly why our clients love us. Think of Ascent as your completely configurable, value aligned, quality talent, vending machine.  Sometimes you want an individual and sometimes you want a team.  When we are aligned with our clients there is literally “completely consistent, on time delivery of the elevated talent you need to drive your enterprise”.  

Here is the best part – our service model seamlessly integrates with your supply chain and our systems actually make your systems better.  That’s right…we drive improvement of your enterprise supply chain. Our model is that exceptional.  It gets better:  Ascent has a root principal – it is one of that you will see throughout our service offering.  We look at each functional integration point of our company and your company and we think about how that interaction must be value-led.  So how are we value-led in our client interactions?  This is an interesting story.  Our CEO has been telling clients for years that before they hire a professional, engage a vendor or buy a piece of software/hardware they should engage with one of their direct peers at another company.  To deliver on that philosophy, Ascent founded three of the fastest growing professional associations for practitioners and thought leaders in three vital areas of the enterprise: Contingent Workforce Professionals (CWP), Data Management Professionals (DMP) and Project Portfolio Management Professionals (PPMP). These associations connect key decision makers with their peers at hundreds of other large enterprise companies such as Brocade, Genentech, Visa, Blue Shield of CA, Kaiser, Amgen, and Wells Fargo.  These ecosystems of buyer practitioners are run by the members for the members and effectively give your employees access to direct real world peers and practices without the distraction of job seekers or vendors.


These Root Areas of Value Led Ethos

  1. Ensure that in each functional area of Ascent is “value led”
  2. For clients - Professional Associations and flawless talent delivery 
  3. For clients – A service offering in that taps into the client’s network to effectively leverage talent at a lower cost
  4. Professionals - Flawless experience and remarketing effort 
  5. Candidate experience - Flawless experience and thorough follow-up 
  6. Internal employees S&D - Constantly improving platforms to grow and maintain a large network 

With a staff of dedicated, experienced professionals, we specialize in the following  IT consulting disciplines: 


Application and Infrastructure Architecture

From optimizing poorly performing networks to auditing your technology stack and configuration, Ascent Technology has a solution to help you succeed.


Data Management Consulting

For many organizations capitalizing on the wealth of available data for true competitive advantage poses a real challenge – Ascent Technology can help!


IT Service Delivery Consulting

Some 60% of CIOs are implementing some form of service improvement or model (such as ITIL, ITIL-lite, or CMMI) to address service delivery challenges. Yet 90% of these same CIOs aren’t making much progress.  We have  toolkit and accelerators to kickstart these types of initiatives.


Project Portfolio Management

Optimizing the delivery engine of your organization, Ascent Technology PMO offering helps you establish and optimize your project portfolio management capabilities.


Employee Engagement and Change Adoption

Once you have decided where to take the enterprise, how do you bring along the masses? Ascent Technology can support your organization through major changes.


Strategic Planning

From better business alignment to enterprise roadmap development, our strategic planning accelerators will help you get where you need to be in less time.