Job Search Advice

Job Search Advice

Do you remember the job seeking advice our parents used to give us back in the good old days?  It’s confusing to think about the traditional way of job acquisition and whether it still applies in today’s world, especially with all the start-ups and more casual cultured organizations popping up.  One thing we can guarantee is that we know our clients well.  Let’s face it, the IT and biopharmaceutical fields are competitive but we understand their needs, their culture, and our process is thorough.  With our commitment to helping you advance in your career, whether you want to continue in a contract position or become a full-time employee, we know how to help you get to the next level.

Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Well-written resumes and cover letters can be crucial to securing an interview. Ascent offers a list of tips for you
  • View provides resume and cover letter articles and samples
  • View Careerbuilder’s career advice page with cover letter and resume tips
  • View articles with tips for resumes and cover letters

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By volunteering for a non-profit organization, you not only help a great cause that is aligned with your interests, but you also enhance your skill set and realize leadership opportunities.  Employers today want to see passion and engagement and this is an excelelnt way to do this. Find a cause you care about and find ways to volunteer or become a member of a non-profit board. For a list of volunteer opportunities contact Ascent or visit one of the sites below:

Visit often—we continually post links to new articles and resources to help you advance in your career, whether you’re in a position you love, just thinking about switching careers or actively searching for a new job.