Our Process

Submitting your resume to all the job boards can get pretty lonely and leave you waiting and wondering when you'll hear back. But partner with us and we will be connected every step of the way. We work together, leveraging our talents with the same goal in mind- finding the next step in your career. We are a team and here is a basic understanding of our process and how it works.

  •  1. The search begins for job match
    • Once you join our team we will spend more time getting to know about your background, experience and career goals so we can find you the job that fits best.  
  •  2. Benefits of being on the Ascent team
    • You immediately have access to countless career development opportunities. Check out our Elevate Your Career page to learn more about career development.
  •  3. We help you through the interview process
    • We know the hiring managers and the jobs they are looking to fill. We know how they interview and what they are looking for in a resume. We go through a detailed process to ensure we are placing quality candidates with quality positions. We equip you with the tools you need to make the best connections possible. 
  •  4. Job offer/Onboarding
    • We make sure that you are fully prepared and committed to start this new phase.
  •  5. Your new job begins
    • And we are here to help ensure that you are comfortable, set-up, and clear on what your job entails and the expectations of your manager.
  •  6. Your support
    • We are a team. You’re supported by us every step of the way. Any questions or concerns and we are a phone call away.
  •  7. New opportunities
    • There is nothing worse then ending one opportunity and worrying about when your next job is going to come along. We proactively help you plan the next phase of your career and search for new opportunities even before the current one ends.