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What We Do Well


Servicing Model

Our areas of expertise include dedicated delivery teams, the Ascent Professional Care Program and employment compliance.

There are many IT, Scientific and Clinical research staffing companies, so why work with us? Answer: We ensure a truly outstanding customer service experience for our Ascent professionals and clients. Ascent is at the top of the game when it comes to:


Dedicated Delivery Teams

We have adopted a team approach to provide maximum support for our clients. Every client is assigned a team that includes at a minimum, an Account Manager, Lead Recruiter and Service Delivery Manager. 

We work hard to understand your unique business needs and we build our teams to support your specific requirements, whether it is high volume staffing, project specific contract engagements, full-time hire search or a combination of all three. Services our dedicated delivery teams provide:


Performance Metrics

Ascent assists our clients using design and build performance metrics. Performance metrics that fall outside of acceptable ranges drive action through management (e.g. Account Executive or HR Manager), and alerts are issued to ensure client/customer concerns are addressed promptly. Data derived from email, surveys, call center and our website helps Ascent gauge issues and complaints through our trouble ticket and escalation process and are used to maximize our service for superior performance.

Both Service Delivery Managers and Account Executives manage Ascent professional and customer satisfaction metrics. Ascent Account Executives are directed to meet with their clients on a weekly basis and preferably in person. Meetings go over upcoming needs, resume submittals and interviews in process as well as current contractors on assignment. As a result, recruiting can be adjusted and issues quickly resolved.

Metrics are measured daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly. Below are some of the sample metrics available from Ascent:


Ascent Professional Care Program

Every professional is assigned a dedicated Engagement Manager (EM) as a single point of contact throughout the duration of the assignment. Our professionals are provided after hours contact information for their EM and are advised of Ascent’s defined escalation process in the event of an after hour emergency. Our EMs work with our professionals to help them find their next assignment — professionals are encouraged to contact their EM at least one month before the end of their current assignment.

Ascent professionals also have access to a payroll specialist, as well as our full-time HR team, that manages on boarding and off boarding, and all background screening and compliance documentation.


The On-Boarding Process:

Every contractor completes a new hire orientation which covers:

· Ascent’s employee handbook.

· The client’s NDA and temporary staffing guidelines (including expense policies and timesheet processes).

· We perform Day 1 and Day 30 performance evaluations to ensure terms are understood and upheld.

· Our service delivery process ensures that a feedback loop is completed for the contractor and the client manager.