Business careers are more than 9-to-5 schedules, cubicle farms, and suits and ties. Some occupations in business involve nothing of the sort. In this sector, job duties, work environments, cultures, salaries, and benefits are very diverse. After all, business refers to several different career paths.

Pursuing a career in business means something different to everyone you ask, however it’s most commonly known as marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, and administrative or management roles. The dictionary definition of business, as a study, is the analyzation of how businesses operate in domestic and global marketplaces, both at a practical and theoretical level.

Here at Ascent, we fill roles in “enterprise talent” which is really just a fancy way of saying business administration positions. Many of the roles we fill in our day-to-day efforts to satisfy our client’s needs consist of the following categories listed above but also include government, legal, banking, life sciences, clinical, scientific, and information technology roles.

Based on our experience hiring for business roles and our client’s growing need to fill business positions, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 hottest and most frequently filled jobs in business today. These career paths consist of:

1.     Executive or Administrative Assistants

2.     Customer Service Agents

3.     Research Associates

4.     Business Analysts

5.     Financial Analysts

6.     Sales Representatives

7.     Human Resources Assistants

8.     Project Managers

9.     Operation Research Analysts

10.  Recruiting Associates

Business careers suit people who like to interact with others, make important decisions, and get stuff done. In order to succeed in a business career path, you need to have a strong drive to succeed, good social and communication skills, be pragmatic, and have a whole lot of common sense.

Business people come in all shapes & sizes, from different backgrounds, and have diversified skill sets. It’s important to keep in mind when talking about careers in business that the word “business” can mean something different to you then it does to someone else. Nonetheless, all careers in business are equally as important when it comes to day-to-day operations, growth, and overall company success.

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