Let me start with this, when going into an interview, we almost always want the job. Unless we’re looking to leverage the role we’re interviewing for in negotiations for the role we really want. Regardless of the circumstances, you’re going to want to prove to your interviewer that you’re the perfect candidate for this position and these three helpful tips will set you apart from the crowd and assist you in landing that role. At Ascent, we appreciate when our candidates listen to our advice and take it seriously. 

1. The Early Bird gets the Worm

Although being on time is an essential part of getting the job, that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we mean is, when scheduling an interview, emailing back a hiring manager, or taking part in other forms of communication, always respond as fast as you can. Having a fast response time will set you apart from other candidates because it shows your recruiter and client manager just how interested you are in that role. At Ascent, we strive to fill positions as quickly as possible because we know people aren’t on the market very long and appreciate it when candidates are on top of their game. The early bird does indeed get that worm!

2. Quality over Quantity

When it comes to interviews, our recruiters care about quality over quantity. What we mean by this is that we value when candidates highlight past successes in overall quality. It’s great that you’ve accomplished ten amazing things in the workplace, but when talking about them choose one to three that you’re most proud of, make you more memorable as a candidate, and ones that are most relevant to the position that you’re seeking. Talk about these one to three triumphs in-depth to demonstrate how your past endeavors have given you the skills and experience needed to excel in the particular role you are pursuing.

3. The Follow-up

We say “thank you” often now in days. We send thank you letters to coworkers, family, and friends several times a year. These expressions of giving thanks are important in showing appreciation for the assistance, support, and service of others. However, sometimes we get so caught in the routine of saying thank you that we forget to dig a little deeper. 

Make your follow-up memorable by using an infrequent expression of giving thanks. Invest energy into something that will catch the attention of your recruiter. This can be as simple as a personalized postcard that is designed to reiterate the nerdy hobbies you and your client manager have or more complex and in the form of a gift. Get creative and remember to be personable and unique!

The wonderful thing about going through the hiring process is that you’re evaluating the employer as much as they’re assessing you. Take a deep breath, tell yourself that you’ve got this, be you, and use these three tips. Our successful candidates have translated these guidelines into action and as a result, they landed the job. If you take these considerations seriously, we promise that your odds of getting that offer will increase substantially too!

If you’re interested in interviewing with us, please submit your resume today here or search our database for an opportunity that could be a fit!