While we’re not psychic, and we don’t have a magic crystal ball to peer into, we do notice that some trends appear to be emerging in life sciences, and we want to share them with you. Whether you’ve been working in any of the life sciences careers for many years, or you’re still in school and on track to graduate with your degree this year, you may benefit from knowing what these trends are. Even if you’re just an enthusiast of life sciences in general, you may find our blog interesting, and we invite you to read on!

Little seeds grow into mighty trees and Ascent is no different, only instead of growing from a seed our company has grown from the powerful idea of linking talent with opportunity. Ascent was founded in 2000 and has grown steadily since inception and rapidly in the past five years. Although our approach to consulting and staffing has evolved to support more of our client’s needs in talent and workforce management.

Ascent’s early years began with providing services to place candidates in technology roles, and over the years we have expanded beyond technology roles to staff life science and business professional positions as well as providing complete workforce management solutions. We now consist of over 1100 employees nation-wide and expect to continue our expansion in the coming years.

Asked for some insight, our CEO Joseph Nordlinger has shared that “Ascent has evolved into what we are today by shifting our company strategy to expand our mid-market and direct clients.” Supporting our Fortune 1000 clients as well as the next generation of enterprise customers who are growing rapidly will position Ascent for long-term sustained growth. By staying true to our vision and fostering a dynamic human network of consulting talent, Ascent is confident we will become a company which ranks as one of the top 20 largest staffing companies in North America.