In 2014 Ascent opened a new office in Chico, California, and with that expansion, a vision started to be translated into reality. The vision was to create a National Recruiting Center (NRC), which would expand Ascent’s delivery of talent services to its growing client base and fill competitive roles in professional skill categories for the corporate services departments of large enterprises; departments like finance, marketing, human resources, and executive clerical roles. Our national recruiting center is an important service arm for Ascent that gives us an important service line extension compared to many of our competitors. 

The creation of the NRC has opened up new doors within our existing clients as well as creating entry points to new and different clients. Gary McCune, Director of Recruiting at the NRC states that “the NRC was primarily created to cover a new set of needs for our clients that we weren’t able to provide before and provides us with the opportunity to find new methods of recruiting people for positions, like through job fair hiring.”

It has been over four years since the creation of the NRC, and the NRC is serving its purpose day-in and day-out in supporting our founding goal of linking talent with opportunity. We couldn’t be more pleased with the vision that came along with Chico and how it has allowed us to expand in ways we only imagined were possible.