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Only 29% of IT project implementations are successful, and 19% are considered failures. The failure of IT Project costs the U.S. economy about $50-150 billion annually. Only 2.5 percent of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.
– Gallup; Harvard Business Review

The Ascent Innovative Solutions program can help you on both levels of strategy and tactical delivery. Think of Ascent as your completely configurable, value aligned, quality talent, vending machine. Sometimes you want an individual and sometimes you want a team. When we are aligned with our clients there is consistent on time delivery of the elevated talent you need to drive your enterprise.


 IT Outsourcing

Process Improvement

Internal Audits

Data Analysis

Ascent IT Outsourcing

Whether you need to completely outsource your IT, provide your internal IT department with strategic guidance or drive a process improvement strategy, our array of IT services are tailored to your specific needs. We know that technology is meaningless without the people behind it. You can count on the Ascent IT Innovation Team’s flexible and experienced team to help your business achieve greater impact in a cost-effective way.

Project Consulting: Ascent IT Innovative Team

Our expert consultants have the experience, expertise, and passion to understand your business and its technology needs. Ascent will help you choose and implement the most advanced and cost-competitive products and technologies available in the market. Experience the difference of having Ascent as your partner and leverage the benefits of innovative technology while avoiding the hassle and confusion of technology selection and implementation.

Cloud Transformation

Transitioning to the Cloud has been a top initiative for companies over the last several years. While early adopters blazed the trail, companies soon found out that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to utilizing Cloud infrastructure. To maximize the benefits of new cloud platforms and technology offerings, a more company-specific approach is needed. Ascent’s IT Innovation Team understands the current landscape of cloud service and technology providers. Ascent’s experience with cloud architecture and platform migration can accelerate your cloud transformation while avoiding common pitfalls that are often byproducts of these initiatives.

Modern Workplace: Work Smarter Not Harder

Let us help turn your business into a modern workplace, complete with real time collaboration, enhanced security, and cloud-based solutions with the latest technologies. These technologies will enable your team no matter where or what they are working on. Your organization can be more engaged, more productive, and more secure, and with less effort. Imagine that!

Internal Audits, Security and Compliance

With the latest technologies, we can empower your team to create content just as easily as they always have, all while ensuring security when sharing with external customers. If you are worried about trade secrets or compliance with internal or government regulations, Ascent has your back! Use the latest technology to leverage integrated analytics and data classification regimes, to discover what you have, and how to properly secure it, faster than ever.

Virtual CIO Services

Our virtual CIO services help you review your operations, assess your technology needs, align IT infrastructure with your strategy, develop IT plans, grasp the latest innovations, ensure business continuity, maximize vendor relationships and more. Your CIO brings an extensive technical background that spans a range of IT environments and applies that technology knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Our Innovative Solutions Model


Listen to client’s business and technology challenges, provide ascent offerings overview to ensure a fit

Solution Architecture

Establish goals & objectives, approach, tools/technology, milestones, schedule, budget

Resource Allocation

Appropriate people for the appropriate job, staff management


Metrics, visibility, status, manage change

We believe the focus
should be on your organization’s
growth and innovation.

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