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Only 25% of the total workforce is proactively looking for career opportunities, so the other 75% of professionals that we call “passive candidates”, are not actively looking but may be open to switching jobs. Typical mainstream recruiting is mostly focused on the 25% and this significantly limits an employer’s access to quality talent.

Retained search allows you to tap into the vast majority of the talent pool to ensure you are getting a quality fit for your organization who will drive results. Ascent’s Retained Search program includes dedicated recruiters conducting detailed research within extensive talent banks and thorough networking and screening utilizing the latest technology.

Ascent is not in the business of settling for “good” hires. We are looking for “great” and “exceptional” candidates, and we are searching for them with the mindset of our clients. Our initial meeting with your organization will help us understand your environment, methodology, culture, and the goals you need to achieve to be successful.

With our record of providing top hires, we have proven the ability to not only drive results, but also help our clients save costs and improve ROI.

The Winning Formula

Time, experience, focus and access are the main attributes that Ascent will bring to a retained search for your senior talent. Our recruiters are experienced and they know how to find the needle in the haystack. They already have access to a network of millions of candidates and will dedicate their time and energy towards ensuring your project is successful.

  • Dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, honest and reliable describe the service I was provided by Ascent. The Engagement Manager was instrumental in enabling a smooth on-boarding process for our contingent workforce. I highly recommend Ascent without reservation.
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