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    wishful thinking… explore
    Ascent’s Talent
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The contingent and contractor workforce has exploded, growing from 10% of the workforce in 2010 to a predicted near 50% the workforce by 2018. However, only 19% of HR professionals feel their company really understands how the law works for these contingent workers.

Professionals like you have the constant challenge of producing more with less and technology is forever evolving. With this constant game of change and adaption, how can your organization keep up? By tapping into Ascent’s Vendor and Order Management system you can put structure and orchestration/coordination in place, so that your contingent labor program can be scalable and your talent fulfillment can react to the fast pace of the tightening labor marketplace.

The Ascent Talent on Demand (T.O.D.) program is an innovative high-touch service offering that includes vendor and order management. We offer a solution that can be quickly implemented while keeping our clients empowered with control over their contingent workforce resources, spend, and visibility.

Introducing, Ascent Professional Platform (A.P.P.)!
A.P.P. makes requisition fulfillment easy and directs
open opportunities to a host of talent experts
dedicated to fill your needs.

Program Highlights

Requisition fulfillment includes a host of talent experts dedicated to fill needs with higher quality candidates and quicker fill times.

Our technology allows for us to build business intelligence for your visibility in the form of reporting and data analytics.

With the innovation of our Ascent Professional Platform (A.P.P.) tool, we offer a secure and designated portal to facilitate supplier and contingent worker management.

We will include our program preferred temporary and consulting vendors for your consideration.

Ascent dedicates an advisors team with top-level concierge services to ensure the programs runs smoothly and the specifics are handled in a timely manner.

  • Ascent is professional, has quick follow up, pleasant collaboration and communication! They provide quality candidates and various positions we had open have been quickly filled!
    Talend on Demand #2
  • Ascent has treated our relationship as a partnership. Ryan Sanders has been my point of contact from day one, and his approach to communication and information sharing is second to none! I can trust that the candidates are fully vetted, the team has a thorough understanding of our organization and culture, and the requisition and needs are well represented. I have always been confident that Ryan and his team will provide me with a transparent and accurate portrayal of candidates and their desires in the marketplace.
    Talent on Demand #1

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