Ascent has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2000. We started out as a small and intimate company that consisted of a single team who worked closely with our three founders and owners. Debra Jaron, Director of Program Development has had the pleasure of contributing to our growth from the very beginning. In light of this, Jaron has shared some insight into how we have matured over the years.

Jaron states that “our founding goal was to provide clients with broad staffing and consulting services that had its own personal touch and created an eclectic customer-hub through a single location.” Although the goals of personal touch and customer focus haven’t changed over the years, we have progressed, grown, modernized, and transformed from a single team agency to a nationwide company.

When Jaron was asked what the biggest difference between Ascent’s newborn years and now, she responded with, “Ascent has always been a company with a passion and desire to support our customers and the community that surrounds us.” Ascent has evolved and grown from its launch in 2000, however, our founding principles and goals have remained consistent.