It’s never been easier to create a polished and unique resume. There are thousands of templets and loads of helpful information across the internet on what an excellent resume contains and how to accomplish creating one. Just download a template, enter in your work history, education, certificates, and volunteer experience and you’re good to go! Maybe not, though.

The mindset above is common amongst most individuals out there, but it’s not your best strategy. Crafting a resume is a work of art, it takes time, and it’s almost always a work in progress. However, if you accomplish a nearly perfect draft of your resume, you will stand out from the other applicants. A study from TopResume, a resume writing organization, says that “14% of candidates who reported getting a new job had self-written resumes, while 46% said they had professionally written resumes” (Case Study). In other words, having a professionally written resume increases your chances of getting a job offer.

Lucky for you, it has never been easier to create a professional resume, you just have to know where to find the right resources to do so. What does a professional resume look like, you ask? Well, it’s a resume that aims for precision, balance, and tells your unique and personal story. 

Precision & Balance

When sifting through thousands and thousands of resumes a day, our hiring managers want to look at something that is concise and visually pleasing. This means that you need to avoid clutter, being wordy, and be careful with the design elements of your resume. A simple and detailed resume is an excellent one.  

It’s an art to be able to compress five or more years of career success into a series of bullet points. So, choose your wording carefully and use the resources attached to this article. A resume can be several pages long, but it should be concise and relevant. More isn’t necessarily better!  

Highlight your Story

Not to be cliché but our hiring managers love a compelling narrative. It makes the hiring process more personable, entertaining, and allows recruiters to get to know you while keeping the job requirements in mind. 

It is easy to write bullet points of duties or goals that you’ve accomplished in your past experiences, but it is very difficult to do that while explaining who you are. Are you creative, analytical, or detail-oriented? Tell us through your story, not by listing them with your other skills. 

Although having the skills needed to excel in the role that you’re seeking is important, it’s also essential to be yourself. Remember that there is an art to crafting a resume. You’re an amazing candidate and your artwork (resume) needs to reflect who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. 

Below, we’ve provided some resources to assist you in your resume creation. Happy resume writing! Additionally, if you’re interested in one of the open positions on our website or want to be linked to an opportunity, please click here! 

Here are some additional resources to assist you in your resume creation: