It is clear that there’s a disconnect between the number of jobs available and the number of job seekers. Forty-five percent of hiring managers report they cannot find qualified candidates and the numbers prove it – 11 million people are currently looking for work while 3.7 million jobs remain unfilled. CNBC contributor Kelley Holland explains that poor communication skills are a big reason why employers are frustrated with the candidate pool.

The text message generation, also known as the Millennials, are entering the workforce with less than stellar written and verbal communication skills. Employers want qualified candidates who show effective interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills. While applicants may have impressive resumes their inability to clearly articulate themselves in writing or in person can dissuade employers from considering them for the job.

So what’s the answer? Candidates need to confront their weaknesses and invest in the self-development and skills training that they need. Employers need to continue to tackle the problem by on-the-job training. The jobs are waiting to be filled. Let’s fill them.