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Our Culture

At Ascent, we hire bright individuals that are not only dedicated to our brand, our clients, and the talent community we serve; but they are also dedicated to giving back to those in need within their own communities, building long-lasting connections with their co-workers, and displaying overall human kindness.

We are always looking for a way to raise the bar. We describe our work ethic as; productive, ambitious, focused, engaged, and passionate. We lead with value and give to get. The more we invest in the quality of our human network, the more everyone in our human network benefits, creating an exponential virtuous cycle of opportunity.

Our Passion

Our value-led approach, commitment to innovation and investment in long-term relationships set us apart from others in the staffing world. While other staffing companies may focus on their bottom line, Ascent’s commitment is to people. Our promise is to listen, connect and deliver exceptional value. We know how to meet the demands of our clients’ contingent workforce needs while cultivating an atmosphere of commitment between our professionals and our clients. Our role is to be an extension of their workplace brand and experience, and thereby offer an exceptional experience.

Our Differentiators

At Ascent, we focus on engagement with our professionals in ways that other companies don’t. The strategies and programs that we have developed translate into fewer back-outs, high rates of project completions and ultimately better project outcomes for our clients. Our delivery organization provides value to our clients by reducing project delivery risk, increasing efficiency and controlling costs.

Our Engagement Management Team

Our team of Engagement Managers is tasked with maintaining relationships with all of our Ascent Professionals throughout each engagement. This highly evolved consultant care program focuses on smooth on-boarding, consultant retention, timely issue resolution, and contract completion.

The Ascent Path

Ascent has developed The Ascent Path, another unique offering that provides a comprehensive set of resources to help develop the real-world skills of our Ascent Professionals.  All the resources of the Ascent Path are available to recruited staff as well as the internally identified resources that come from our clients. We offer training in self-development, team development, work/life balance, volunteering and board and thought leadership to provide our professionals with new opportunities to gain experience and expertise in their field and move forward in their careers.

The Professional Associations

We invest in our clients’ internal leadership by enrolling their HR and Procurement teams in our Professional Associations to help them drive program and process improvements in the key functional areas of their business. Unique to any other payroll provider, Ascent has built several networks and resources to help drive this initiative.

 You can learn more by visiting: https://www.professionalassociations.org

Our Executive Team

The Ascent Services Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of American CyberSystems, Inc. DBA ACS Solutions, a global information technology, consulting, and business solutions company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

For our corporate leadership, please visit

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