Research Associate I

Research Associate I
South San Fran
Three year contract

The responsibilities of a DMPK-BA Senior Scientific Researcher/Scientific Researcher are to develop and routinely employ bioanalytical methods for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of new chemical entities, their metabolites, and endogenous PD markers in plasma, tissues, and other biological matrices, as well as, interpret and provide bioanalytical results to project teams in support of drug discovery and development.


The ideal candidate will have a proven ability to independently design and execute experiments by LC-MS/MS in support of drug discovery and early development programs in a fast-paced environment. This role requires a good understanding of preclinical ADME and bioanalytical techniques. The candidate will work as a member of the metabolomics/bioanalytical group and will be responsible for sample preparation, tissue homogenization, sample extraction techniques (e.g. LLE, SPE, and PP), data acquisition on triple-quadrupole platforms and high-resolution mass spectrometers, and data processing using Analyst/Multiquant, XCMS+, and GraphPad Prism. The candidate should be able to assist in troubleshooting when instrument or assay problems arise. Other responsibilities will include metabolomics research, electronic laboratory notebook keeping and communication of results to project teams.


Candidates will have BS or MS in chemistry, biochemistry, or equivalent with relevant experience of 1-3 years. Experience with metabolomics workflows is preferred, but not required. The candidate should possess excellent oral and written communication skills.


559 : Drug Met & Pharm
Research Functs : Young Function : DMPK : DMPK

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Research - Discovery

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Job Type: Contract
Location: South San Francisco, CA
Job ID: 20-00603
Date Updated: February 18, 2020