At Ascent, we take our social gatherings very seriously, sometimes a little too seriously when there’s Bingo involved. We call these gatherings AscentSocial, which translates to Ascent employee events that happen once a month to allow our employees to get to know each other and to nurture the culture of our company. These events consist of monthly happy hours with games and prizes. AscentSocial is what makes our work environment fun and allows us to de-stress from the routine while being our quirky selves.

In our offices, we like to have a good time, so we decided to ask our employees what they value most about AscentSocial. Jean Padilla, Human Capital Specialist loves AscentSocial because “it’s a great way to get to know everyone on a casual basis, we have a lot of great personalities in our offices.” Brian Nauer, Human Capital Assistant shares, “I like AscentSocial because it’s a break from working and it’s great to have everyone on our team in one place at one time.” Candace Davis, Digital Marketing Specialist loves AscentSocial because of “the interactions, games we play, and the game prizes. The prizes are amazing and these events help keep our co-workers engaged and to recruit new people into the company.”

We are a diverse team with different backgrounds and interests. Collectively, we believe that we do important work helping our candidates to advance their careers. We do that work within an environment where ambition, focus, passion, and engagement are cultivated. We are a team at Ascent not because we work together but because we respect, trust, care for and have fun with one another through AscentSocial.