Are you aware of the impact you have on the environment? Most of us have a general idea of how much waste we generate per day, but do you really know across the board when it comes to your living conditions, transportation, diet, and so on, what your ecological footprint is? If you do, that’s great and read on, but if you don’t we recommend visiting here.

At Ascent, we value the environment. In our day-to-day efforts, we strive to lessen the negative effects of climate change by encouraging employees to utilize reusable water bottles, investing in company kitchen items & branded items aka “schwag” that are biodegradable, motivating our staff to use digital documents instead of paper, encouraging carpooling to work, walking instead of driving to lunch, and providing an abundance of plant-based dietary options at our work events.

At our corporate headquarters, we have saved over 20,343 pounds of wood, 45,772 pounds of carbon dioxide, 3,001 pounds of waste, 54,418 gallons of water or 589,614 (17 oz) plastic water bottles by simply putting water dispenser machines in our corporate kitchens and using DocuSign. We are consistently seeking to purchase biodegradable kitchen items like our utensils, reusable dishware, and cups, as well as company-branded items that are environmentally friendly, like our money planter trees, essential oils, reusable Chico bags, reusable water bottles, mugs, tea sets, and the list, goes on, that we send out to internal employees, clients, and candidates.

We realize that our positive environmental impact will continue to be a work in progress in the coming years, but for now, we reflect on the positive changes that we have made and will continue to make. We enjoy doing our part in treating our planet as our home!